Being a Creative

I've been thinking a lot about what it means to be "A Creative" lately. It seems that socially it can be a negative point, and I admit this is something I have struggled with for a long time. What I have recently come to realise is that it's not a negative thing at all. Being creative has it's benefits in all sorts of industries. 

I have come from a background of art (both visual and physical), math (I was that crazy person that took math classes for fun in school) and administrative. I went to University for a Studio Arts degree after deciding I didn't want to do Aerospace Engineering. When I went in I kept saying "Don't worry, I'll figure it out after I'm done school how to use it", but in all honesty I had a really hard time thinking of myself as an artist. There were so many people who were so good. They were artsy in attitude, personality and talent. I admit I totally felt like a fraud. 

I was never an artist's Artist. I loved the idea of business, accounting, math, right answers and streamlining. I left University with a job in Retail Management (we've all been there) then got positions as Administrative and Executive Assistant work for years. This kind of work was not bad. It was mostly rewarding but the idea that I never felt I could go anywhere with it was really depressing.

You didn't see many women in upper management and if you did they were in HR and Accounting... which I didn't want to do. I then worked for a bit running art programs, which sort of pulled the two together. 

My big epiphany came when I went back to school for a year. 

If you are 30 something and want to confirm how much you've grown and progressed I advise going back to school. It's amazing. 

Well, in Fashion Design at Fanshawe College I realised that I didn't need to separate out my analytical mind that loved numbers, administration and computer work from my creative mind of art, drawing, collage and sewing. This realisation was Mind Blowing. 

I could be both and neither all at the same time. There are a ton of artists out there and there are always people you compare yourself with... but just maybe, you could be a person someone compares themselves too. You can create and build and analyse and structure and be a geek and all the things you love that make you who you are, while still being successful and inspiring. 

So now I do art when I want to do art. I balance books and schedules when I'm feeling numerical. I work for people doing their social media, scheduling, marketing and more, which makes me feel accomplished in a business aspect and helps me learn about being an entrepreneur. I also create and build and take those lessons to my own business, my own site, my own marketing, and my own creations. 

Being a creative is not a curse. It is not a lesser item then being business oriented. It allows you to think of new ways to solve problems, if allows you to branch out where others have failed, it allows you to turn the world on it's head and run with it. 

So stop and look at all of you! Not the little bits of things you love as if they don't touch the other bits. ALL OF YOU and realise that all those little things... as opposite as they may seem... make you a whole, and if accept and use all those bits even when you think they aren't related, you are more likely to make the things you are doing a whole as well.